“Book of Spells” in domestic stores

The system uses augmented reality technology and PlayStation Move controller as a magic wand. Thanks to the PS Eye camera, the console reads the user’s movements, and due to special markers on the book, creates a visual image on the screen. This technology allows you to achieve an amazing immersion effect. You can take a course of a young magician, master the spells of Vingardium Levios, Actzio, Petrificus Totalus and fight dark forces. According to the plot of users, notes on the textbook of one of the former students of Hogwarts will lead.

Several versions of the project were on sale. The first includes Wonderbook and «The book of spells», Its cost is 1599 rubles. After paying 3799 p., You will receive PS Move and PS Eye in appendage. Special is also available «gang» PS3 with all of the above at a price of 12990 r.


  • Sony Computer Entertainment

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