Apple Lisa is put up for sale for $ 100,000

The Canadian seller, who introduced himself as “Woz”, put up at the EBAY Internet asocation “Rasty copy” of the first computer Apple Macintosh. The starting price of the lot is 99,995 dollars. The seller claims that his computer is the only one in private hands today Apple Lisa (formally it is not even macintosh, since then they were not called that), equipped with a floppy pisser for a 5.25-inch floppy disk. The seller says that the Apple Lisa computer put up by him is a piece sample from the first batch of these computers, since the mass models of LISA, sold in the market in 1984-85 were already equipped with 3.5-inch discovers. The description of the lot states that the set computer has analogues for today, since the original keyboard is also supplied with it almost 30 years ago, the same mouse and a remote power supply. “WoZ”, noting that he has nothing to do with Apple co -founder with Steve Vozniak, claims that the new computer is completely authentic, that is, it has all the details and nodes of the original production and nothing has changed since the “native” release. It is also reported that the computer belongs to the limited batch of 1982-83 of the release. At the moment, it is not known whether any applications were received for the purchase of a rare apple computer.

Source: CyberSecurity

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