The new DLC multiplayer to Uncharted 4 is available for download

One of the main innovations — Return of the Village card from Uncharted 2. Despite the external resemblance to the original, there are many changes in it, including an updated lighting model and better textures.

Also, users will gain access to the new Bounty Hunter mode. Two teams strive to earn as many points as possible, killing opponents and collecting objects falling from them. They become more valuable if you kill the captain — randomly selected player, the elimination of which is allocated a limited amount of time.

Not without new types of weapons — The DC Single Action Revolver, a RKL-155 pistol, a Lowe-S rifle, a Harrison 1890 lever-action rifle and a US-AN 12 automatic shotgun. Well, amateurs to revise their performances in multiplayer battles will be able to do this using the Cinema Replay function — The last 10 matches are preserved there with the ability to observe what is happening from anywhere.


  • Gamespot

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