The new USB specification will displace 3.5-mm audio unit

The new USB specification will supplant a 3.5 mm audio unit

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-Or) officially submitted the USB Audio Device Class 3 specification.0. The new standard is designed to transmit audio via the USB Type-C port the main solution for all products working with digital sound, including mobile devices, headsets, docking stations, game consoles and VR-volumes.

Currently, manufacturers are spared from working with several connections, since data, food and video signal are transmitted through a single port thanks to USB Type-C with USB Power Delivery. The appearance of USB Audio support will make a USB-C port even more universal. “USB is the simplest and most popular connector to date, which makes USB Type-C the logical choice for the future digital audio,” said USB-Or President Jeff Ravencraft. Thus, the new standard will forever save the device from the traditional 3.5-mm audio unit, which, according to the developers of the organization, will contribute to the creation of thinner moisture-proof and energy-efficient gadgets.

Source: USB-F

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