The official demonstration of Call of Duty Wwii will be held on Wednesday evening

There are no details yet, except that by name and the first image, you can determine the entourage — Call of Duty really «Returns to the origins» and will offer to take part in the Second World War again. The development of the project is engaged in the Sledgehammer Games studio, the last game of which was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The last part of Call of Duty, who sent users to the Second World War, was the World at War in 2008. Since then, the games have almost always been devoted to the nearest future: three parts of Black Ops and three Modern Warfare, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare managed to exit. The debut trailer for the latter has become one of the lowest -esteemed video on YouTube — It will be interesting to find out how the audience will perceive the announcement of wwii.


  • Gamespot

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