100 countries will receive Free Internet from Facebook until the end of the year

By the end of the year, the company plans to expand the scope of the project to 100 countries, said Facebook representative Chris Daniels (Chris Daniels). This is a very ambitious goal, given that at the moment 6 countries are participating in the project — Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Gan, Colombia, India. About 7 million people in these countries got the opportunity to access the Internet.

Within Internet.Org users gain access to a set of basic services and applications, such as Wikipedia, Emergency Service Services, Work Search Services and, of course, Facebook.

«The purpose of the company — Show the value of the Internet and bring as many users as possible to the world network», — Daniels noted.

Experts note that the initiative of Internet.Org is fully coping with this task. For example, after the number of mobile Internet subscribers in this country, a non -profit organization arrived in Colombia, increased by 50 %, and sales of smartphones in Tanzania increased by 10 times.

Chapter Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has already reported that the company is working on the production of drones, lasers and satellites. Everything in order to connect the population of developing countries to the network.

Recall that at the moment two -thirds of people living on the planet do not have access to the Internet. Looks like Facebook will not stop at anything until it changes the state of affairs.


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