10 places that Google Maps users cannot see

«Satellite and aerial photographs for Google Maps come from a wide range of commercial and open sources. These third -party suppliers must follow the law of the country in which they work, and then, before giving us images, they deliberately erode» – reported by the representative of Google Dianna Yick (Deanna Yick). According to her, earlier pictures of the White House and the buildings of the Capitol of the United States were also blurry, but time passed, and they were restored.

According to the PEC, Google, if possible, seeks to publish photos with the best quality, where not only their resolution and clarity are evaluated, but also the date when they were made. «From time to time, we get the latest information from our satellite images, and if their pictures are better than those that are available on the service, we always add them. Even if some areas are intentionally blurred on them» – The weekend continued.

Mashable resource.COM made a selection of 10 places that are prohibited from viewing through Google Maps.

Royal Palace in Amsterdam

Power station on the territory of the Kornelsky University campus in Itak

Utah. Here the US Army tests chemical and biological weapons

Artificial reservoir and Dam Kiyovi (USA) for some reason are also “smeared”

Tantauco National Park can only be seen using Google Maps markers

Buffalo International Airport

It is not clear why the blurry area of the surface of Russia

The site of the city belonging to the Dutch royal family

The city of Babylon in Iraq is more like a desert than a lively area

The airport runway with mines used by the Japanese Navy


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