1000 frames/s, touched for the future and scalability: ID Software praised the DOOM Eternal engine

According to Kan, with the proper power of the computer Doom (ID Tech 6) of the 2016 model, it was possible to disperse «only» up to 250 frames/s, while the DOOM ETERNAL (ID Tech 7) engine allows you to achieve 1000 frames/s.

«The upper limit [ID Tech 7]. On our configuration collected exclusively for testing, some scenes worked at 400 frames/s», — Kan shared.

Among other things, in the ID Tech 7, developers improved the particle system (Kang promises «Brill explosions») and optimization of CP. The game will adapt to the existing iron — «from a very old to the latest and even not yet released».

Such scalability facilitates ID Software Adaptation Doom Eternal to different platforms. For example, under Nintendo Switch: a version for a hybrid console already «Stunning».

«On the prefixes of the next generation, the ID Tech 7 will work extremely well. We have plans that will very, very happy and impress the players, but I will not open our cards ahead of time, so follow the news», — Called Kan.

Doom Eternal will be released on March 20 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and in the cloud service of Google Stadia, and on Nintendo Switch will appear later. Earlier, the executive producer Marty Stratton (Marty Stratton) has already told about the improvements for the game for the game.

In addition, at the Pax East 2020 festival, Bethesda held the next Bethesda Game Days event, which showed about an hour of the Battlemode game process from DOOM Eternal.


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