The University of California created completely biodegradable shoes from algae

It is no secret that millions of pairs of worn shoes are annually on landfills, turning into a serious environmental problem. Algenesis suggested a solution to this problem at the University of California, where shoes made of fully biodegradable materials were developed – BlueView.

The upper part of the shoes is made of hemp-eucalyptus fibers, the canvas strap is made of cotton fabric, and the sole is made of soleik polyurethane foam based on oil-based. It is very important that BlueView is already seriously released.

BlueView shoes

As they wear, such shoes must be thrown away not into a regular garbage tank, but into a special component bunker, where, under the influence of natural factors, the shoes are completely decomposed.

According to Algenesis, the top of the shoes breaks up in a few months, and the sole is about a year. BlueView is no less effective in sea water.

Biodegradable shoes are sold in two color options – black and “sand dunes”. Price – $ 135.

Source &#8212 BlueView

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