“Blue Death screen »Windows 10 became green

It is unclear why Microsoft decided to replace in the Windows 10 insider build, the usual blue color «death screen» On green, however, Hokstra confirmed the fact that the new color scheme applies only to the participants of the test program. It is likely that the Redmond company wants to divide into two groups the usual problems causing the appearance of a blue screen, and errors, the likelihood of which exists only in Windows 10 insider buildings. Some users of the OSs Previews publish errors on blogs and social networks, so Microsoft gets the opportunity to identify these people.

During the holidays, the release of test versions of Windows 10 was suspended — The company does not plan to represent new builds until next month. The Build 14997 ducking on the network also includes the ability to activate the Cortana voice assistant at the time of the initial setting of the system, the function of regulating the color temperature of the screen, the hint of the game mode, improve the edges browser and the applications for applications in the starting menu.


  • The Verge

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