This year, World Ecological Debt Day has come again ahead of schedule

According to the estimates of Global Footprint Network and WWF on Thursday July 28, another World Ecological Debt Day has come – the conditional date of the exhaustion of all bioresources developed by the planet for the year. Humanity began to consume so much food and water that all people are required to fully provide 1.75 land resources. Complete exhaustion will not come soon, but for fifty years in a row the fatal date has come before and earlier.

Strictly speaking, the problem is not at all in the shortage of resources, but in their unreasonable consumption. If the whole world lived in the same way as the Americans are used to doing, the day of duty would have come on March 13. Another example is due to restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, consumption around the world decreased, and the desired date came three weeks later than the estimated period.

Due to the fact that too much food falls into waste, the day of ecological debt occurs 13 days earlier than if everything was eaten to the crumb. And if you force people in developed countries there are half as much meat, which will not create harm to health, then the sign date could be allegedly transferred for another 17 days. It is estimated that today 63 % of arable land is used to grow livestock feed, and this creates an unjustified load on the biosphere. Up to 55 % of our planet is spent on feeding humanity today.

Source &#8212 Science Alert

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