Torrent trackers do not harm the film industry

Specialists of the Faculty of Economics of the Uesley College and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Minnesota (USA) published the results of a joint study, in the center of which we had all our favorite torrent trackers. On 28 pages of a not very interesting document, researchers have outlined their vision of how torrent trackers influence the profitability of the world film industry. Scientists came to the conclusion that the spread of pirate copies of, say, American copies, at least does not affect the reduction of cash fees. The study cited a great example: films that did not fall into the pirates of pirates and were not laid out on torrents brought their creators, on average, 7% less money than those that were stolen. Scientists explain this as follows: people who downloaded a copy of the film made on camera in the cinema hall are not satisfied with the quality of what they saw, but are imbued with interest in the picture itself. This pushes them on a trip to the cinema, which increases the box office of films.

Nevertheless, one cannot completely exclude the fact that some users are quite satisfied with the pirate copy of the film, but, as practice shows, they are in an absolute minority. However, the authors of the study still recommend film studios to produce films at the same time in the maximum number of countries. This is the only way they can count on maximum profit, and the fight against torrent trackers, which, as it turned out, do not harm the film industry-this is the struggle with windmills, absolutely meaningless and useless.

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