“Buka” will be the domestic publisher Dead Island 2

The foreign publisher of the game is Deep Silver. But the developer to the second part has changed. The original, if you remember, was developed by the Polish Techland, but instead of taking up the sequel, the studio preferred cooperation with Warner Bros., which will result in the game Dying Light. Well, the continuation of Dead Island was transmitted by Yager Development, the most famous work of which is the SPEC OPS: The Line shooter.

A little is known about the plot. The scene of the action was chosen by the sun by the sun California. The virus still got to the continent, and now the whole state was in quarantine. Most of the inhabitants, of course, died and became greedy for human flesh monsters. You and your team will have to make every effort to survive this apocalypse. The world will be divided into three parts — It is known that one of them will be Los Angeles (from Hollywood to Venis), and the other will become the surroundings of the bridge Golden Gate in San Francisco. Dead Island 2 will support the cooperative regime for eight people.


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