Unknown smartphone HTC One M9E “lit up” In Tenaa

The main attention to HTC is now focused on the upcoming announcement of its One A9 smartphone «Aero», which, according to preliminary data, will take place today — One day with Google. However, as it turned out, the plans of the Taiwanese manufacturer have another apparatus — One M9e. The day before, he was noticed in the database of the Chinese Certification Center of Telecommunication Equipment Tenaa.

If you believe the information posted on the Tenaa website, HTC One M9E is a model with a 5-inch IPS screen displaying 1920 × 1080 points, an eight -core processor with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz (apparently, it is MediaTek MT6795T, also used in One M9+), 2 GB of RAM and LTE support. The volume of flash memory is only 16 GB, however, it can be expanded by installing microSD cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

The main HTC One M9E camera provides a shooting of 13-MP photos and video 1080p, and Ultrapixel front-line photo module has a resolution of 4 megapixels. The Android 5 operating system is preinstalled on a smartphone.0.2 lollipop. The dimensions of the device are 144.6 × 69.7 × 9.61 mm, it weighs 157 grams, and its case can be painted in one of four colors — black, silver, white and gold.

Judging by the characteristics, the HTC One M9E is a simplified and reduced version of the ONE M9 phablet presented in the spring of the display+. Whether he will be sold around the world or his destiny to satisfy the needs of the market of a particular country, for example, China, so far it is impossible to say.


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