Users spend less and less time in Google +

Google provided the services of a social network in June last year, counting on a more intensive visit to users’ services, as well as raising advertising income. Last month, the corporation’s leadership stated that the number of accounts on the social network exceeded the mark of 900,000,000, which is more than twice the October indicator. Nevertheless, the user base of the portal looks insignificant compared to the number of users on Facebook.

One of the few areas in which Google catch up with Facebook, is the profit from advertising on the site. Next year, Google will have 19.8% of the entire advertising online industry, which will bring the company about $ 3.68 billion, while the share of Facebook will be 17.7%, and profit is $ 3.29 billion. Over the past year, the cost of Google shares has decreased by a little less than 1%, to $ 609.31 billion.



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