Using the eye mask during sleep improves the memory and speed of the reaction

For those who would like to wake up full of strength and are more ready for the labor day, there is a very simple way to achieve this, almost without making efforts. All that is required is to regularly put on a sleep mask. An international group of researchers from the scientific centers of Great Britain, Italy and the USA came to the conclusion that there is a relationship between external light and the quality of sleep. They are convinced that by controlling the light, you can manage sleep, making it more useful for a person.

The study made it possible to find out that the light surrounding a sleeping person has a direct impact on the duration and structure of sleep. The research was based on experiments, during which the consequences of the regular use of masks were also studied. 89 people of different ages took part in one of them. They were offered to use night masks within a week. At the end of the indicated period, they passed laboratory tests for the association of words. The results showed that when wearing masks, the reaction rate and the ability to remember events and experiences improved.

The second experiment included 33 participants. They wore not only masks, but also special dressings for measuring the level of brain activity during sleep and a device for assessing the intensity of light at the time of awakening. It turned out that wearing a mask provided a large duration of the “slow” phase of sleep. Experts appreciated the effect of masks on humans as a “positive”. They emphasize that, using this economical and non -invasive way, you can raise the quality of cognitive functions and everyday life.

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