13th comic book Overwatch is dedicated to the new hero Fist of Death

He spent years in prison after he was thrown into prison agents of Overwatch. In the comic book, he was released and took up the seizure of power over the mysterious terrorist organization «Claw», Eliminating if the current leaders who lead it, as it seems to this villain, in the wrong direction. The purpose of the fist of death — untie a new war between omniks and people, so that humanity leaves the fire of tests stronger.

In addition to the new character, which will be available to all players on July 27, the main characters of the graphic story are also other heroes of the game: reaper, fatal widow and sombra. Akande himself Ogundim, like a fatal widow, appears in a story without the usual combat equipment, in ordinary costumes.

The comic book script was written by Michael Chu, and the illustrators were Ryan Benjamin and Anthony Washington. In the section of comics of the official site you can familiarize yourself with the Russian version «Masquerade», And on the site Madefire — get acquainted with her in the form of an animated and voiced interactive book in English. You can learn more about the fist of death from the cartoon dedicated to him, as well as from the video about creating a character.


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