Wexler.Book Flex One – First Flexible Electronic Book

While Rusnano, in collaboration with the British company Plastic Logic, is working on the creation of an electronic school textbook PL100 based on a flexible 10.7 “screen, the development of which will cost our side almost a billion dollars, the Russian company Wexler has begun the production of its advanced electronic book Wexler.Book Flex One, which has a flexible 6-inch ENK screen of the same type.

The main advantage of the technology used is the anti -suggestion properties of the product, which is very enduring to falls and deformations thanks to flexible components. Wexler notes that users should not be very worried about the safety of the screen. In the production of the display, not a traditional glass substrate is used, but a polymer. At the same time «electronic ink» applied to a layer of electronic circuits placed on the finest steel plate.

This feature is very important for such mobile devices that users will certainly take with them to a bag or a pocket of clothing in order to use time to wait or travel with benefit. Of course, in these conditions, the probability of damage to the glass screen increases many times. The polymer substrate saves users from such fears.

Wexler.book flex One

The device was demonstrated at the IFA 2011 exhibition, held 2—September 7 in Berlin attracted the attention of many journalists with their unusual properties. The book is made in an ergonomic case, which is almost all of the bend;Only the lower thickened part does not bend where the printed circuit board and the battery are placed. Management is carried out using buttons-rocks on the front side and end part. The dimensions of the product are 124×139 mm with thickness in the widest place 7.5 mm, the mass does not exceed 200 g.

As befits devices with the E Ink screen, which differs in low energy consumption when the static image is displayed, the time of autonomous work Wexler.Book Flex One is more than two weeks with intense reading. The book is endowed with 8 GB of built -in memory capable of accommodating thousands of books in TXT / PDF / Doc / Chm / HTM / HTML / EPUB / FB2 formats. But an additional place for storing data may be required, given that the device is endowed with multimedia capabilities, maintaining the output of the JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG images and the MP3 audio files are reproduced. For this purpose, Microsd format with support for carriers with a volume of up to 32 GB is provided for this purpose. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not report the data on the screen resolution, but most likely it will be 800×600 points.

Data is loaded through the built-in port of MicroUSB, and listening to music, audiobooks and FM radio is possible with the help of headphones supplied. For more comfortable reading wexler.Book Flex One allows you to change the font size, turn the page and play music in the background.

Wexler delivery and sale.Book Flex One will begin in late October. The retail value recommended by the manufacturer in the Russian market is 8 thousand rubles, which is a fairly attractive price for such an unusual device.


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