Whether cryo-magnets will help cope with man-made cosmic garbage?

About 500,000 items dangle in the orbit of the Earth, from fragments of missile missiles to pieces of foil, which are generally called “garbage”. Separate fragments move at a speed of tens of thousands of km/h and are not an illusory danger to satellites, orbital stations and all future space projects in general. Problem No. 1 for all mankind is to clear these Avgia stables.

There are exactly two ways to solve the problem: either to catch and dispose of dangerous objects, or to catch and move to a “cemetery” orbit, where they will not be dangerous. The keyword, as we see, is to “catch” and French scientists proposed a new way to implement it. The University of Toulouse studies the properties of cryogenic magnets for manipulating objects in zero gravity.

Super -low temperatures and superconductors – generated magnetic fields will be strong enough to interact with garbage at a great distance, without the need to enter into dangerous contact with them. Moreover, these magnets are switched and can both repel and attract objects. What is there-the French are already dreaming of a universal cryo-magnet, with which it will be possible to join the satellites in space and “hang” them using the magnetosphere of the earth.

The possibilities of cryomagnets

Theory and calculations show that such magnetic rays will be able to move items at a distance of 10-15 m with an error of 10 cm and the accuracy of positioning 1-2 degrees. This is a tool for applied tasks, both weapons and the construction system – right in space, without docking, you can connect separate blocks of large structures. Fiction becomes a reality?Related articles:A tiny piece of cosmic garbage pierced a 15-centimeter hole in the satellite

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