15 designer cases for iPad

1. Tod’s. Chanel Case is by no means the most expensive. Tod’s Italians also release a collection of bags for iPad. It consists of four models. One of them is sewn from the skin of a calf, its cost is $ 495, the other three of the crocodile leather, they are painted in blue, brown and mustard colors and cost $ 4,900.

2. Louis Vuitton. The release of the lines of covers for the iPad Louis Vuitton was reported one of the first – just 23 days after the start of sales of the tablet in America. Moreover, the ability to purchase a cover with the iconic monograms of Louis Vuitton or with the Damier Graphite embroidery for $ 390 on the official website of the brand appeared immediately, but the covers will appear in stores this year.

3. Gucci. Gucci cases decorated with patterns in the form of a double letter G are closed on straps that limit pressure on the touch screen. Inside, the covers are trimmed with soft suede, which helps to keep the iPad clean and prevents the appearance of scratches. Depending on the material (canvas, neoprene or leather), the price of the Gucci case varies from 230 to $ 290, and you can buy cases in the online store of the brand.

4. Burberry. Burberry is offered to purchase multi -colored handbags for iPad from a buffalo leather or covers in the traditional Haymarket cell. You can buy them on Burberry.com at a price of $ 375 to $ 450. The Internet is already full of fakes.

5. Yves Saint Laurent. A simple black matte leather case costs a little less than the nylon bag of the Easy model – $ 795 and closes the list of seven most chic cases for the iPad magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

6. Dolce & Gabbana. The first line of black leather bags Dolce & Gabbana for the iPad was unanimously recognized, although to the best of restrained and practical, but still boring. Therefore, the Italian duet complemented one of its last collections with four cages for iPad with a leopard print, three of them are repainted in red, green and yellow.

7. Salvatore Ferragamo. The collection of covers for the iPad Salvatore Ferragamo consists of three bags of converters fastening on a small magnet. Two bags are made entirely of leather, and the third is sewn from fabric, but with leather trim. Inside, the envelope is laid by one of the most modern materials – an alcantra, which allows you to prevent scratches. The cases are decorated with a barely noticeable Salvatore Ferragamo logo of golden brass. The price varies from $ 290 to $ 390, and cases are sold only in brand boutiques.

8. Trussardi 1911. In November, stores will start in stores collections of cases for the iPad Trussardi 1911. According to the philosophy of the house, one of the cases will be made of simple black leather, and the other two are decorated with prints: Leopardov and Khaki. The approximate price of the case is $ 250.

9. Oscar de la Renta. Dominican Oscar de la Renta finished work on a limited collection of cases for the iPad back in June: at the show of his collection Resort 2011, the Kim Nurd model kept not a simple ladies’ handbag, but a real clutch for the ipad color of red carnation. A little later, leather clutches decorated with embroidery Mosaic, red, white, yellow and gray began to be sold on Oscardelarenta.COM for $ 290. Apparently, they bought them quite successfully: recently, a second limited collection of covers for a python leather tablet appeared on the site.

10. Dunhill. During the men’s fashion week, the British Dunhill showed their interpretation for the iPad. The Case from Dunhill is made of high -quality leather and stylized under an envelope with a letter to the founder of the brand – Alfred Dunhille.

eleven. Chanel. Quilted case for iPad classic black color costs almost twice as much as the most expensive version of the tablet – $ 1,555. Such a price immediately deterses the material value of the iPad itself, if it, of course, is not inlaid by Swarovski crystals or covered with eighteenth -high white gold.

12. Eley Kishimoto for Incase. British designers Mark Ely and Vakako Kishimoto, managing the Eley Kishimoto brand, created a capsule collection of covers for three Apple Gadgets: iPhone 4, MacBook Pro and, of course, iPad. An Eley Kishimoto sign called Flash is applied to each case. From September 20, the collection will be sold on Incase and Eley Kishimoto sites, as well as in some stores of both brands.

13. Eco National. ECO National has created environmentally friendly cases for iPad. They are made of synthetic plastics obtained in the processing of used plastic bottles. Eco National handbags are made in pink and black colors and are sold in the online store Urbanoutfitters.com for $ 9.99.

14. The Good Flock. Another line of environmentally friendly cases for the iPad, as well as the iPhone, MacBook Pro and Blackberry, called IWOLY released a brand from Portland The Good Flock. They are made manually made of natural Pendleton wool, leather painted with plant dyes, as well as tagua nuts, which are commonly called a plant ivory. The maximum cost of covers for iPad is $ 70, and for MacBook Pro – a little more than $ 110. You can buy cases on The Good Flock website.

15. Pokeeto. Together with the Korean organization, the Eco Party Mearry, the American brand Pocketo created a collection of bags named after actor Humphrey Bogart, director Chris Marker, philosopher Ralph Waldo, comedian Pi-Vi Herman, businessman Donald Trump and so on. Two bags that received the names “Joe” (brown) and “Nathan” (black) are sewn from clothes purchased in second-hand, and the sizes of pockets in them repeat the size of the iPad tablet.

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