YouTube – new source of income Nintendo

«Trying to make sure that the content belonging to Nintendo is distributed on the network legally, we became partners of YouTube and in February 2013 we registered the right to our intellectual property in the video hosting base. For most amateur videos, nothing will change, but in those videos where a visual or sound content from Nintendo games is contained over a certain time, advertising will appear, at the beginning and/or end. We still want our fans to enjoy, and therefore, unlike other companies, we decided not to prevent people from using our intellectual property», — the company’s official statement says.

Owners of popular YouTube channels earn money with their video protests, consider this approach to Nintendo illogical and inappropriate. They note that each passage is unique and is accompanied by comments entertaining spectators. In addition, the video process in itself is an advertisement for games, so the publishing house should not at all resist their appearance in YouTube.

Of course, Nintendo considered another option — By agreement with the YouTube administration, just block videos, where, for example, Mario is found. However, the company has chosen a more humane way to protect its copyright, which, in her opinion, should arrange all sides.



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