17% of the chips released in 2013 are on Samsung and Apple

According to analysts from Gartner, Samsung Electronics and Apple bought in the aggregate in 2013 of semiconductor chips worth $ 53.7 billion, which is 16.7% more than 2012 ($ 46 billion). These two technological giants and leading manufacturers of smartphones today account for 17% of world demand for chips, which is impressive five points above the 2011 indicators. Both companies have been holding the upper lines of the rating of buyers of semiconductor chips for three years for three years. However, Apple increased purchases by 11.8% to 23.4 billion, and Samsung — 20.7% to $ 30.3 billion. In other words, according to Gartner statistics, Samsung strengthened its leadership.

«This increase clearly shows how quickly the presence of these two companies in the market over the past three years has increased and why their solutions have serious technological and price consequences for the entire semiconductor industry», — Masatsune Yamaji (Masatsune Yamaji) noted.

By the way, not all analysts agree with Gartner regarding the leadership of Samsung on the purchase of chips: IHS believes that in 2013 the world leader in this indicator was Apple. According to IHS, Apple spent $ 30.3 billion on semiconductor chips in 2013, and Samsung — $ 22.2 billion.

A dozen leading consumers of semiconductor chips, including companies like HP, Lenovo and Cisco Systems, purchased semiconductor products in the amount of $ 114 billion in 2013, which amounted to about 36% of the total income of chip manufacturers. In 2012, these indicators amounted to $ 105.1 billion and 35%, respectively.

10 leading buyers of semiconductor chips, Gartner

10 leading buyers of semiconductor chips, Gartner

10 leaders among buyers of semiconductor chips increased their purchases by 8.4% in 2013, significantly bypassing the total market indicators. 8 out of 10 companies in the Gartner ranking for 2012 remained in the top ten leaders of 2013 and the same amounts of their purchases in relation to the previous year. Particularly beneficial for demand in the semiconductor sector was influenced by the rapid growth of the Chinese smartphone market.

Lenovo rose to the 4th position of the Gartner rating in 2013 due to its great successes in the Chinese smartphone market. And Huawei first entered the ten largest buyers of chips, taking 10th place. Although all this is good news for developers of chips and manufacturers aimed at the mobile devices market, the demand for chips in the PC sector is experiencing a decline and leads to a decrease in income.

«In 2013, by the number of semiconductor chips, the total demand from manufacturers of smartphones and tablets exceeded similar indicators in the PC market, — Mr. Yamaji noted. — However, this change in consumer preferences has led to a significant decline in production volumes of semiconductor chips over the past two years, because the total area of the chips used in the smartphone or tablet, much smaller than the same indicator for the PC».

«Wearable electronics and devices of the Internet of things are the following growth factor for manufacturers that can offer the required energy -saving technologies and batteries to create these products», — Added by the analyst.


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