Zynga closed 3 offices and fired 520 employees

The head of Zynga Mark Mincus confirmed that the company had to reduce about 18%. According to him, all permutations will end by August 2013. In a recently published press release, representatives of the company announced that the dismissal of employees will allow the company to save from $ 70 to $ 80 million profit to taxation.

All former employees will be provided with a generous weekend allowance that will support them during the search for a new place of work. Minku understands that this is a difficult decision, but I am sure that it is correct in the long run.

Recently, Zynga has been going through the best times. In January 2013, the American company had to close its Japanese office. Prior to this, the team was left by the chief designer Zynga Baltimore Brian Reynolds, who worked in the company for four years.


  • The Verge

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