Zynga reduces 5% of the state, closes projects

Mark Pinkus said that Zynga’s reduction in the amount of 5% (about 150 people), a significant decrease in investing further work on The Ville, termination of support of 13 old projects and closing the office in Boston. It is possible that the company’s offices in Japan and the UK will also be closed. In addition, it is supposed to significantly reduce the staff of developers in Austin.

The head of Zynga noted that we are talking about the teams of real professionals, so the decision to reduce the state was given very hard. He added that this is the most painful part of the plan to optimize expenses, which also includes reducing the costs of hosting services, for advertising and payment of third -party services. The implementation of this plan, according to Mark Pinkus, will release funds for the development of new games and promoting partner projects.


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