About 2 million players participated in Titanfall beta testing

Now the developers are directing all their forces to eliminate the revealed errors, finalizing the design of maps and all gameplay systems, as well as ensuring the maximum «even» launch. «We will not promise that the final version will be perfect, — Heppe noted. — But also you should not say that after the release in the game there will be a large number of problems, otherwise gamers will be in the project. Beta testing inspired players with the confidence that we are ready to communicate with them, really need their reviews and actively correct the bugs they discovered».

On the other hand, testing presented the developers with an unpleasant surprise: shortly after its start, enthusiasts found the name of all 15 cards in the beta version of the beta version, and later found a list of achievements. The NEOGAF forum user under the nickname Razoruk unveiled not only the list of cards, but also their concept arts, and a certain No1dead published information about all game modes, abilities and weapons on the social news site Reddit. In particular, in addition to the Attression, Hardpoint Capture and Last Titan Standing presented in the beta version, gamers have discovered mentions of the classic Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag modes, as well as Pilot Hunter. The list of cards is presented below, but it should be borne in mind that some of them may appear as part of additions after the release of the game or not see the light at all:

  • Training Ground (training mission card);
  • Angel City (included in beta version);
  • FRACTURE (included in beta version);
  • Colony ;

  • RELIC;

  • Airbase;

  • Boneyard;

  • Corporate;

  • Outpost 207;

  • Lagoon;

  • Rise;

  • Smugglers Cove;

  • Overlook;

  • Nexus;

  • O2.

In files «Beta» There were also commands for the multiplayer screenshot mode, however, the co -founder of Respawn Entertainment Vincer Zampelli quickly denied these rumors. Unmarried hints were also discovered that the project once was also developed in versions for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 — Now, as you know, Microsoft insists on «lifelong» exclusivity of the game for his platforms. From the list of achievements, among other things, you can find out that the maximum level in the final version will be limited to 50 — at least at first.

The Russian premiere Titanfall will take place on March 13 in the PC version in standard and collection publications. At the Xbox 360, the shooter will appear only at the end of March, and on the Xbox One will be released only in those regions where the console has already entered the sale.


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