Distinctive characteristics of the server Lenovo X3100


To date, server devices have become widespread. The server is an equipment that differs from the usual PC configuration. In addition, this device can connect several computers at once into a single whole, therefore it is considered simply indispensable for the work of any company.

Not so long ago, Lenovo introduced a new server model, which is intended for effective use in solving the problems of small and medium -sized enterprises – X3100.

Lenovo has been engaged in the production and implementation of high -quality equipment in the field of information technology for more than one year. Thanks to the optimal cost of the company’s products are in high demand.

The Lenovo X3100 server is a rather economical option presented in the Tower standard and developed through elements of the latest sample. It is due to such a solution that the heat generation in the process of its functioning is significantly reduced. In addition, the device works almost silently, so it does not create any inconvenience.

The Lenovo X3100 server is characterized by increased reliability and convenience, has a simple control system. The basis of the functioning of this equipment is the E3-1220 V3 processor, which has a power that is fully corresponding to all the necessary loads.

The main features of this model include:

  • High performance, which is provided by built -in processors of the latest models.
  • A small indicator of energy consumption during the operation of the device, which can be considered one of the most important economic factors.
  • Working temperature indicators of equipment reach 40 ° C.
  • The server has a memory of up to 24 TB, which is quite enough to store a large number of documents and other information related to the work of enterprises and organizations.
  • High level of information protection, which is achieved due to the presence of the built-in 4-level RAID system. This is essential for companies, since you can not worry about the leak of important data.
  • Modern USB 3 interface.0 increases data transfer speed at times.
  • Thanks to the NVDIA K600 processor, you can optimally work with various graphic files.
  • Thanks to compact dimensions and stylish design, the server fits perfectly into any interior.

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