How to delete a Facebook page: clear instructions

If you think that social media accounts are not useful, but only take up time, you can delete your Facebook page temporarily or permanently. Our guide will help you with this.

Why Users Block Their Facebook Profiles

Some social network account holders believe that Facebook collects too much user data and uses it to make money from ads. Not everyone wants the platform to get that much information about them. 

Also, users say that they procrastinate more often with Facebook and this distracts them from the really important tasks. 

There is another reason for deleting a Facebook page. Those who have been using this social network since their youth know that their old posts can be controversial. And they can even spoil the image that a person wants to broadcast to the world now. Therefore, sometimes it is easier to get rid of the entire profile than to selectively delete content. 

How to delete a page on Facebook from a computer

To deactivate your profile, you must first log in to the social network. 

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