How to restore Instagram page: simple instructions

If you deleted your Instagram or your account was hacked, you can get it back. The editors of GeekMyGadget tell you how to restore Instagram and when you have to do it.

5 most common reasons why a page is restored

Here are five cases when you have to restore your Instagram profile.

Temporary blocking

If a user has violated the rules for using Instagram, then his page may be temporarily blocked. Access to the page is restricted when a person publishes prohibited content, spam (makes a mass mailing of promotional messages. – Note ed.), violates copyright, and so on. Another page is blocked when a person exhausts the limit of actions – the number of likes, subscriptions, and comments.

One action can be blocked, for example, the ability to like or comment. And they can prohibit the use of the entire page. This will be announced in the notification.

To find out what the restrictions are for, go to the Instagram settings on your phone. Select “Help” and then “Support Requests”.

Select the “Violations” section. There you can see publications that violate the guidelines of the social network.

Temporary blocking lasts from several hours to three weeks.

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