10 The Best Discord Bots For Your Server

Bots are an extremely useful thing: they can start voting, turn on music, and notify all channel members about any event.

Discord Bots For Your Server

Considering that Discord has taken root most of all among gamers (they usually like to simplify their lives), there are a great many bots for Discord.

Below we will tell you where to look for bots and how to set up channels to get bots, as well as give a selection of the most common music bots (and not only them).

What functions does the bot perform?

In general, bots are very different. Bots interact with Discord through an API, and they can do everything that this API allows – and the list of functions there is very large. Most often, bots are divided into 5 categories:

  • Bots that control the behavior of other server members. There are bots that automatically recognize and remove profanity, there are those that give ranks and experience to server participants, and there are those that meet new participants and log activity on the server.
  • Integration bots. These bots are able to “rip out” content from another platform (Twitch, for example) and either broadcast this content directly to Discord, or do something with it (cut clips, for example).
  • Music bots. The largest category. These bots allow you to add a number of popular music tracks to be played in the voice chat. Some bots can work in radio mode.
  • Entertaining. These bots know how to entertain users – they run a game of associations, generate memes, and so on.
  • Content bots. Created mainly for management – with their help, you can arrange and structure the published content, set up delayed posting, and so on.

Note that all these bots operate on channels – then if they are public.

In addition to public ones, there are 2 more categories of bots: private and imitating a real person. Private bots are bots that, for example, collect statistics and send it to a private person. Bots imitating a real person are most often used in trading and scam. So, private bots are prohibited by Discord, as well as bots imitating a living person. If you use such bots, and they complain about you, your account will be blocked. Below we will consider only public bots.

How to install a Discord bot on your server

In total there are 2 ways to add bots to the server – the first is used if you add your own bot, and the second is used when you add a third-party bot to the server.

Adding your own bots will only be covered briefly here, since this topic is beyond the scope of a review of ready-made bots.

Create server and channel, get channel ID

So, if you do not have a server, you first need to create it, because at the moment there is nowhere to add a bot. Creating a new server is very simple:

  • Let’s go to the client.
  • Look for the “+” button on the left, and click on it.

  • Choose a template, channel avatar, and name.
  • Everything, the server is ready.

Initially, several voice and text channels will be created on your server (the number depends on the template), if you want to add one more, just click on the plus sign in the channel list.

Specify the type and name, enable or disable privacy – and the channel is created.

As for the channel ID, it is only needed if you add your bot. To get a channel ID, you first need to enable developer mode. Go to your account settings, on the “Advanced” tab, enable developer mode.

Now you need to right-click on the channel and select “Copy ID”.

Create a bot and add it to the server

If you want to add a third-party bot to the server, you just need to open the link on the bot’s website, then log in with your username and password, select the server and confirm adding the bot to the channel. After that, you need to select a channel, open its settings and go to “Access rights”.

In the “Roles” section, click on the “+”, select the bot, and give it access to the desired actions: “Read messages” and “Send messages”.

That’s it, now you can configure the bot in accordance with the instructions that you can find on the bot’s website.

If you add your own bot, then the process will be much more complicated. First, you need to create a bot – you can use paid constructors like AppMaster, and you can write your own bot in any scripting programming language, Python for example. API documentation can be found here: https://discord.com/developers/docs/intro. After that, you will need to go to the developer’s page and add your bot as an application, after which you will already receive a link to install the bot on the channel. The developer’s office is located here: https://discord.com/developers/.

TOP 10 bots for Discord

Top 10 bots:

  1. LevelBot.
  2. GardenBot.
  3. Shizue.
  4. MoscowMusic.
  5. Maya.
  6. Vejo 2.
  7. Leila.
  8. Lucifer Bot.
  9. Whale.
  10. CoffeeBot.


A social bot that gives out coins for chatting in a voice or text channel. You can also connect mini-games to the bot, for which users will also be given coins. These coins, in turn, can be exchanged for ranks – special privileged statuses, in the presence of which the user profile changes its appearance. You can customize the ranks and their display.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tkG8kpeK8z

Garden Bot

Another social bot. It can do everything the same as the previous one: give out coins for activity, and coins can later be spent on customized statuses. Additionally, the bot offers tools for role-playing.

Bot official website: https://kerdoku.top/


A universal bot that provides many tools for administration and listening to music. It has its own music collection, and can quickly pull up an audio track from YouTube in good quality. For administration: through the bot, you can set up custom roles on the server, request various information about both the server and individual participants, and connect roleplay.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yPCmCD2qfW


A popular music bot in the CIS. Users can turn on/off/adjust music and give the bot links to playlists, moderators can control the playback queue and fine-tune the bot.

Personal website of the bot: https://moscowmusic.su/


A small social bot that allows you to get “server currency” by activities and fishing, in order to later spend this currency on ranks. Of the advantages – this currency is valid on all servers on which Maya is installed.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/etc66NNCVP

Vejo 2

A large social bot, the main feature is built-in games. The bot allows you to play “Homeless Simulator”, “Miner Simulator” and a couple of RPGs. For the game, you get coins that can be spent on rebirths, boosts, status or upgrades.

Bot personal website: https://vezya.netlify.app/


Another social bot. As in other cases, you earn coins for communication and built-in games, which you can spend on ranks. There are a number of built-in utilities for managing the server.

Personal website of the bot: https://leylabot.ml/

Lucifer Bot

A small social bot with unique commands. It is mainly designed for posting memes, emoji, and other content. There are built-in utilities like a calculator and generating random values. Supports drawing on canvas.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HZ5EsPu


Universal multifunctional bot. It allows you to moderate participants, connect various games, post pictures and gifs in automatic mode, and assign roles to users.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TVJCUVrBxu


Small bot for server administration. Allows you to set your own prefix for the server and connect different activities in voice channels.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7Ja4JNcqUB

The best 10 useful bots for Discord

The best 10 useful bots look like this:

  1. MEE6.
  2. Spixx.
  3. ProBot.
  4. Groovy.
  5. Thank you Memer.
  6. Dyno Bot.
  7. Community Hubs.
  8. Rhythm.
  9. Quillbot.
  10. JuniperBot.


MEE6 adds a custom server development panel on top of the “original” one. This allows you to quickly set up channels, roles, access levels, server commands, and so on. The bot has a huge functionality, see the full description on the bot website.

Bot site: https://mee6.xyz/


A multifunctional bot that adds many useful commands to the server. In addition to utilities, the bot also has a built-in economic system – you can receive coins and spend them on statuses or other “entertainment”. Finally, the bot can post memes and custom pictures.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/A8GXgwhv2A


Perhaps the most versatile bot. You can add a custom greeting for those who came to the server, you can set up anti-raids, enable automatic moderation, set up your own server commands (the bot is able to recognize text), keep event logs, connect music, and so on and so forth.

Bot website: https://probot.io/


Large bot for listening to music. The bot has been “not well” lately because YouTube has warned the bot’s developers that they are “stealing” copyrighted music. How the situation will develop and whether it will affect other music bots is unknown.

Bot site: https://groovy.bot/

Thank you Memer

Meme bot for 100+ teams. You can see the list of all commands here: https://dankmemer.lol/commands

Dyno bot

A bot that allows you to fine-tune the server: set up author roles, enable anti-spam and AFK mode, send notifications to all participants, and so on. An interesting feature is that with this bot you can set up a server not in Discord, but through your Dyno personal account.

Bot site: https://dyno.gg/bot

Community Hubs

A simple bot with extremely unusual functionality – it allows server users to create channels on their own and post content to them (usually only moderators can do this). Moderators are free to close those channels that they did not like.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2PRbJw9FW4

Rhythm bot

Another big bot for playing music. Allows you to customize yourself not through Discord, but through a special personal account.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Fxw6xgRjHE


A small bot that checks the correctness of the written text: spelling, punctuation, and so on. Only English is supported.

Bot Discord Server: https://discord.gg/SfdXAUJ


Initially, this bot was musical, but later it became universal. Supports music fine-tuning, moderation, information commands, rating assignment, and various entertainment. There are useful utilities.

See all commands here: https://juniper.bot/commands


  • How difficult is it to create your own bot? Difficult. You need to have a good knowledge of one of the popular programming languages ​​(Python, Java, JavaScript) and be able to understand technical documentation written in English. If you need some kind of non-standard bot, but you don’t have the skills to create it, it will be easier to order a bot on a freelance exchange.
  • Almost every social bot has NSFW content. What is this? NSFW – Not Safe For Work, “it is better not to open such content at work.” In short, erotica. Usually, such content can be disabled in the bot settings.


Abstract :

  • There are many different bots for Discord on the Internet.
  • Basically, bots are divided into 5 groups: music, integrating, social, entertainment, and content posting bots.
  • To add a ready-made bot, you need to follow the link of this bot, add it to your server through the special Discord menu and give the bot permissions, after which you can configure its behavior.
  • Making a bot yourself is extremely difficult, it is better to look for ready-made bots.

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