The college dorm party: check ideas to throw it all

“Students live happily from session to session!” This expression is applicable, probably, to the entire student fraternity. After all, it is not for nothing that the years of study are remembered in the process of all subsequent life as one of the happiest.  The short period between childhood and adulthood is significant not only for exams, essays, tests, tests, and diplomas, but also for true friendship, first-adult relationships, unbridled fun, and, of course, wild student parties. And for sure, every student knows where these crazy holidays are most interesting – in the student’s dorm!

20 Ideas for a College Dorm Party - The Bash

And students have a lot of reasons to have fun – in addition to traditional calendar holidays, this is the freshman’s day, the end of the session, and the International Student’s Day. A good mood, desire, and relatively small cash costs are all that are needed to organize a student party in a student’s dorm.

To hold a college dorm party you will need

  • friendly company;
  • free space;
  • money for drinks and snacks;
  • music;
  • ideas for a fun pastime.

The rumor that a party is planned in the dorm flies around all the rooms instantly, so there will be no shortage of participants. Usually, on such evenings, a bunch of people cram into the room, eager for fun and free drinks. Therefore, you should take care in advance that each person who comes donates some amount of alcohol or at least brings something from a snack. To do this, at the entrance to the room, you can make a comic checkpoint with strict controllers or put up a table with an announcement: “Donations for the party in the form of money and food.”

You can invite classmates and fellow students who do not live in a dorm, without forgetting to agree with the commandant in advance. A box of chocolates or a small cash reward from the party’s budget usually solves dorm restrictions.

College dorm party in the student room

Of course, in the rooms of modern student dormitories, you can’t really clear up much, but for a small friendly company, there will be enough space. To organize the table, you can use any of the options:

  • dump money, buy the necessary food and alcohol, and cook everything together;
  • give the task to each participant to prepare something for the table and bring it with them, collecting separately the money for a drink;
  • give everyone the opportunity to buy and bring snacks and alcohol for themselves.

A rare student feast resembles a dinner party with an abundance of hot dishes and salads. It is quite possible to get by with a buffet – sandwiches, canapes, fruits, chips, nuts, sliced ​​sausage, cheese, or even dumplings. If everyone rents money for alcohol, it is necessary for everyone to clarify what exactly to buy. Someone likes wine, and someone prefers beer or low-alcohol drinks.

Pros of a party in the dorm room:

  • the opportunity to communicate with a close company, sing along with the guitar;
  • significant cost savings (compared to the same cafes and clubs).


  • a limited number of participants;
  • difficulty in conducting entertainment (dances, games, and competitions) due to the small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

Usually, a party in the room is a prelude to further relaxation, smoothly flowing into nightclubs and cafes. Or the dormitory administration is loyal and allows you to arrange holiday discos in a specially designated place in the dormitory.

Party in the hall of the student’s dorm

In the case of a large-scale celebration, for example, on New Year’s Eve, or Student’s Day, when the number of party participants is large, you can arrange a party in the hall or hall (formerly, for example, serving as a reading room or “red room” of the college dorm.

Of course, for this, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the commandant, and the approach to the organization should be more serious.   The organizing committee of the most active students should think over the scenario of the party, prepare refreshments, install musical equipment, and also organize students to clean up the premises after the holiday.

The inhabitants of each separate room should have their own tasks – organizing a buffet table, decorating the hall, preparing skits and competitions, keeping order, etc. Only with good organization such a party will be successful.

Pros of a party in the lobby:

  • the scale of such parties makes them the most memorable;
  • an unlimited number of participants.


  • the need to obtain permission to hold a party;
  • the complexity of the organization;
  • noise and din almost until the morning, it is unlikely that it will be possible to learn and sleep on the day of the party;
  • the need to clean the college dorm after the holiday.

Interesting ideas for college student’s dorm party

Themed parties are very popular with students all over the world. Pirate or pajama, disco or retro, Hawaiian parties are the most memorable and fun holidays. But the theme is an optional condition, the main thing is a good mood and pleasant company.

It is necessary to think about the entertainment program. “Twister”, “Bottle”, and “Crocodile”   – are a small part of the list of games that can amuse any society.

It is better to make a playlist corresponding to the event in advance and also to ask in advance who prefers what kind of music.

Using disposable tableware will greatly facilitate cleaning after the holiday.

It is difficult to imagine student life without a dorm, and a dorm without a fun college dorm party, where you can have fun, fall in love, and have fun in the spirit of the best student traditions.

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